Juan Pablo Borthagaray

  • Assistant Professor.
  • PhD in Mathematics, Universidad de Buenos Aires (2017).
  • Research area: Numerical Analysis.
  • Contact: jpborthagaray@unorte.edu.uy

Previously I have worked in the Department of Mathematics at University of Maryland (postdoc, 2017–2019); in the Ciclo Básico Común at Universidad de Buenos Aires (2013–2017); in the Facultad de Ingeniería (2011–2012); and in the Facultad de Ciencias (2009–2011) at Universidad de la República.

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My research area lies between the numerical analysis and the analysis of partial differential equations (PDEs). This includes mainly finite element methods, the analysis and design of numerical methods for nonlocal operators and the study of certain geometric PDEs.

Published articles: